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gg anime expo

smug kenny g

And also home of top tier lobsters and Irish pubs; seriously contemplating flying to Boston.


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26th Feb, 2009 03:03 (UTC)
We could hang if I wasn't in Japan at that time :x
26th Feb, 2009 06:16 (UTC)
You mean GG Anime Boston?

And is that Kenny G icon altered? He looks a little disturbing there. O_O
26th Feb, 2009 06:36 (UTC)
26th Feb, 2009 07:56 (UTC)
Fuck the Celtics.
27th Feb, 2009 02:18 (UTC)
Also has one of the oldest Chinatown in the country, plus about an hour or so from New York for more top tier food, etc...
2nd Mar, 2009 09:19 (UTC)
Wanna exchange banner with you
Hello セクハラP,

I have been reading your blog and it is very interesting~ Wow~ I want to go to the Anime Boston 2009!! I think it should be very GREAT^^
Hey! I have the interest to exchange banner with you. Just send me email if you are okay! Cheers^^

Have a nice day^^
Seraph (Specialized: Anime, Figure, Robot, PVC…etc)
To: Neko Mimi Mode
2nd Mar, 2009 09:21 (UTC)
Re: Wanna exchange banner with you
Hello セクハラP,

Me again^^ I have forgotten to leave my contact ><" You can just send me email to "" if you are okay for the banner exchange! Cheers^^

Best wishes^^
Seraph (Specialized: Anime, Figure, Robot, PVC…etc)
To: Neko Mimi Mode
25th Mar, 2009 06:56 (UTC)
you know, i wouldn't mind hittin up boston
31st Mar, 2009 18:47 (UTC)
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